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Salzburg, a city of culture!

Salzburg is known as "city of culture", "Festival city" or "Mozart city". Apart from the famous cultural highlights Salzburg has lots of other attractions on offer that are sometimes hidden by the more obvious attractions of "Mozart" and the "Festival".

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One of the great attractions in Salzburg is Mozart’s birthhouse, Getreidegasse Nr. 9. Here the Mozart family lived from 1747 to 1773. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here the 27th of January, 1756. Today the apartment of the Mozart family is a museum, where documents and pictures, as well as instruments which belonged to "Wolferl" are on exhibition.
The Residence, the medieval residence of bishops, was built in the 16th Century. The Prunkräume as well as the Residence gallery of this magnificent early baroque building often host exhibitions which are open to the public.
Schloss Hellbrunn was built between 1612 and 1615. This manneristic early baroque summer castle with its large park, water fountains and mechanical theatre is one of the most beautiful examples the manneristic architectural style which is unique in Europe.
The fortress Hohensalzburg was built in 1077 by Archbishop Gebhard. Between 1495 and 1519 the fortress was enlarged by Archbishop Keutschach. Today it’s the symbol of the Mozart city and the largest, fully maintained castle in Central Europe.

More than 4000 music events and theatrical performances take place every year in the festival-city. As well as the traditional highlights such as the Festival in summer, the Jazz-autumn in November or the Mozart-week in January, there are many orchestra and chamber concerts, serenades, solo performances, and concerts in the most beautiful halls of Salzburg’s castles (i.e. the famous castle concerts in the “Marmorsaal “, the marble room of Mirabelle castle). As well as that there are pop and rock concerts, performances by the Landestheatre, the Kammerspiele, the Marionettentheatte, many private theatres, cabaret events, sacred music, art exhibitions and so on.
Detailed information about these events can be obtained from the Salzburg Tourist Information.

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